About Becca Yoder

“To look at any thing,

If you would know that thing,

You must look at it long:

To look at this green and say

‘I have seen Spring in these

Woods; will not do–you must

Be the thing you see:

You must be the dark snakes of

Stems and ferny plumes of leaves,

You must enter in

To the small silences between

The leaves,

You must take your time

And touch the very peace

They issue from.”

-John Moffitt


Art is both what I see and the means by which I see. I read once that all art… music, words, and visual art… is a way of saying, “Hey, look at this. It deserves close attention.” I suppose that’s a good way to state why I draw, paint, and take pictures. I want my art to reflect honestly the things that are, exploring both beautiful and broken facets of humanity and the world as we know it. But I believe that we’re not in this alone, that God is here and there is better harmony to come.

And me? I’m a Mennonite twenty-something with interests all over the place. Dearest are Restorative Justice, urban kids, peacebuilding, God’s creation, books, music, and… you guessed it… art. You may notice that these things color my work quite a bit (pun entirely intended). My family and friends are a large part of who I am and a massive catalyst in this venture. Since you’re here, that includes you. Um, thanks! I’m honored you stopped. Poke around and enjoy things. Art by nature is communication, so join in!

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