It’s live!

At long last, my art is available online! This feels like a big step in my “career”, if you can call it that. I’ve been selling artwork privately for ten years and have had a public gallery event/sale in Meadville, but this is definitely the biggest marketing venture I’ve undertook.

One catalyst in this initiative is this: my family underwent a crisis last summer that resulted in legal fees and other expenses, for my dad, sister, & brother-in-law, especially. I work in human services, and, as a result, my resources to contribute to my family have been a little limited. Part of the profits from the sales I make here will benefit my family, so I thank you in advance for your contribution to this.

I’m humbly grateful to my pastor, Ryan Zook, of for building my (fabulous) website. Really, I can’t recommend him enough. My ideas turned into a site even cooler than I envisioned, with immediate and detailed support while I navigated the learning curve.

Also thanks to my friend Tim Kirk, of for giving me artistic advice and being my convenient source for printing. All of my prints and cards will be printed by Meadville Fine Arts, and I know you’ll be satisfied with the quality of his work. If you’re ever in Meadville, PA, stop by his gallery on the corner of Chestnut and Market Street and check out paintings, photography, and pottery from local artists.

And thank you to YOU! The amount of interest you’ve shown on my Becca Yoder Art facebook page has been jaw-dropping. I’m awed and honored by your interest and support. Many, many thanks!

A few notes:

I tried to keep shipping rates as low as possible, but I do apologize that they add to your expense. There is only one shipping charge per order, though… so the more you order, the better value you receive for your shipping. 🙂

Don’t be confused by the high prices on prints. 🙂 Click on the photo, click “add to cart”, and you’ll discover several options, some as low as $25.

Ideas? Questions? Problems? Contact me directly at