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"Jazz" drummer painting

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This is “Jazz”. In this painting, I tried to capture what jazz… and melancholy, bluesy music in general… makes me feel. A conflicting jumble of aching and reveling. And I wanted to celebrate the unresolved. The dissonant. In the world and in me. Redemption will come. It will be made right. But redemption might not be so breath-taking if the broken is pretended away.

Here’s what I did to try

 to portray all that:Blue and red are conflicting colors. The human eye can’t process them both simultaneously. True story.The graffiti and more urban style felt fitting because life is simply more raw and honest on street level.The drummer facing away from the black circle, his back and the circle of his hat juxtaposed against each other, hopefully lent a feeling of conflict to the composition, while the position of the round cymbal (again, hopefully) lends enough direction to the composition to keep it fluid.Only painting the highlights on the drummer and cymbal, then switching to painting the shadows and black values on his neck and beard are another contrast.

Original specifics: Acrylic paint on canvas


18 x 24″ original on canvas, sprayed with a protective coating and wired for hanging

11 x 15″ archival-quality print on watercolor-weight paper

11 x 15″ archival-quality print on watercolor-weight paper, matted to 16 x 20″

5 x 7″ print mounted on backboard and finished with a UV coating, to be framed without glass