Nature Song

Nature Song 12x12 original

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As a kid, I spent hours in nature. Thinking, imagining, talking to God, and making things of mud and acorns. My wonder at the colors, life, and complexity of creation just keeps growing. This piece was inspired by watching sunrises, when all the world is fresh and waking quietly. The colors, movements, and sounds harmonize in a tune too real to be audible, and you have to both see and listen to feel it. I tried to convey a bit of every morning’s magic by using earthy colors, realism for the Queen Anne’s Lace, and a more abstract symbolism for the birds. The idea of birds as notes on a telephone wire staff helped capture the idea of music being everywhere, and also provided a middle ground between the symbol (G-clef) and the realism of the flowers. This is Nature Song.

Original specifics: Acrylic paint on 12×12″ canvas
Because of the non-standard dimensions, I’m only offering the original of this one. So there’s only one in the world. 🙂 Sprayed with a protective coating and wired for hanging.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Congrats to the winner of the giveaway!