New site, new giveaway

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After a long delay in which lots of things have happened, thereby submerging me for a while, here it is:

The Official Becca Yoder Art Grand Opening/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/ Thank You For Supporting My Art Giveaway.

That was a lot of capitals.

But they describe a capital idea I got from my friend, Bekah. (Different girl, different spelling… lots of confusion. And fun. Lots of fun.) Here’s the idea:

Remember this piece?

No? Well, it has been a while.

Here’s the description I wrote of it previously:

“As a kid, I spent hours in nature. Thinking, imagining, talking to God, and making things of mud and acorns. My wonder at the colors, life, and complexity of creation just keeps growing. This piece was inspired by watching sunrises, when all the world is fresh and waking quietly. The colors, movements, and sounds harmonize in a tune too real to be audible, and you have to both see and listen to feel it. I tried to convey a bit of every morning’s magic by using earthy colors, realism for the Queen Anne’s Lace, and a more abstract symbolism for the birds. The idea of birds as notes on a telephone wire staff helped capture the idea of music being everywhere, and also provided a middle ground between the symbol (G-clef) and the realism of the flowers. This is Nature Song.”

Because of the canvas’s irregular dimensions, and the extra cost and headache making prints would cause, this original remains without duplicate. Yup, this is the one and only. I love it dearly and hate to part with it, but art is for sharing. I believe that firmly. Also, I need to diminish the stack of finished canvases behind the chair in my living room. Furthermore, my art site could use some publicity.

So. Want to help? Want a chance to win “Nature Song”? (One requirement: you must give her a loving and understanding home, should you win her. This feels a bit like hurling a baby rabbit into the unknown, its big, liquid eyes all questioning. And its little, pink nose twitching in its soft, furry face. Alright. You get the idea.) Here’s what to do:

1) Post a link to this blog post on your blog, facebook, twitter, or other manner of social media.

2) Leave a comment here, on this post, saying you did so.

3) Each comment is one entry, or chance to win. Please leave as many comments as times you shared the link. Easy, no?

I will draw a winner on February 14, because I think this is going to be pretty sweet. Get it? Valentine’s Day? Sweet? Oh, nevermind. But I’m serious about the 14th.

Let’s do this!


117 Responses to New site, new giveaway

  1. Rose says:

    This art is great. Our family is very musically inclined and this would match perfectly in our music room.

  2. William says:

    Link posted. I especially love this piece – I think that it’s my favorite of all of your work (that you’ve posted, anyway)

  3. Katrina says:

    posted this on facebook. beautiful piece of art! 🙂

  4. Sharon says:


  5. Sharon says:

    I posted this…

  6. Amy B says:

    Becca, you are truly original without duplicate. I’ve shared on facebook and would LOVE to win this masterpiece. ^o^

  7. Amy B says:

    I tweeted, too…although, I don’t have any followers but hopefully we can find some!

  8. Elsie Yoder says:

    Shared it on fb,love how nature and music are on the same pic.

  9. Sue Seibert says:

    LOVE THIS!!!! I am a singer and love to go out in nature and listen to the songs of the birds. If you listen to them, they each have a unique & beautiful sound. (also posted on FB 🙂

  10. Kaitzy says:

    I posted it to google+..lovely work of art! 🙂

  11. Amber Martin says:

    Beautiful! Birds and music go hand and hand! Such a good portrayal of HIS art work! . . .shared the link

  12. Rosalie says:

    Shared on facebook. I love this piece of art!

  13. Esther Yutzy says:

    aww, Becca! I really want this piece! But unfortunately I’m not connected to any social media…

  14. Elva says:

    Someone has talent and ingenuity…love the picture and love to sing!

  15. Matt Gingerich says:

    I posted this on fb. I love the juxtaposition of themes in this painting…

  16. Lilian Stoltzfus says:

    This painting, combined with your thoughts behind it, is wonderful! Sharing on FB! 😉

  17. Melanie Beiler says:

    Shared the giveaway post on Facebook. So generous of you to give that piece away…I shall be quite envious of the winner!

  18. Rosanne Sommers says:

    I shared your link on facebook. I really, really love this piece…

  19. Maribeth Herr says:

    Count me in! (facebook)

  20. Conrad Fisher says:

    This is beautiful! If i would have seen it before it was up for giveaway, i would have bought it. I looove the birds on the musical staff. This is what music looks like! The world needs more honest artists like yourself.

  21. Bradley Mast says:

    This is a beautiful piece of artwork, I did share the link on facebook, I would love to get it

  22. I shared it on facebook. :)Love the art!

  23. Hans Mast says:

    Shared on twitter

  24. Hans Mast says:

    Shared on facebook

  25. Miss Troyer says:

    Shared on facebook! It’s beautiful…love it.


  26. Rebekah Rolan says:

    Have I told you lately that your artwork is amazing? No? well, it is.
    I’m proud to know you. I shared your post on my Facebook. Hope you get lots of publicity!

  27. Sheldon Good says:

    I just reposted your link on Facebook. I have not admired your work for long, but admire it I do. I love the painting on Jazz. You have managed to put on canvas some of the qualities of the music itself. I think it brings out the tension, the lack of resolve, the searching and never quite finding that is jazz. May you continue to use the gifts God has given you to His honor.
    Sheldon Good

  28. Linda Stoltzfus says:

    I posted your giveaway on my FB page. I would be thrilled to give that beautiful piece of a art a home!

  29. Bettina Yoder says:

    I LOVE your nature song piece. Your offer at a giveaway is big-hearted of you! I posted the link on facebook.
    Warmly, Bettina

  30. Rachel Mast says:

    I shared on Facebook…

  31. Rachel Mast says:

    …and Twitter. And just fyi, I LOVE your work. Especially the giveaway piece. And “Jazz.” Must be the music therapy major inside me… the juxtaposition of art and music is a beautiful thing.

  32. Judy Beachy says:

    Posted your link to Facebook!

  33. BECCA,

    I don’t care WHAT morals you have, when it comes time to draw a winner for that picture, you HAVE to forget about them, and root through the names until you find mine. ONLY after securing my name FIRMLY in your grasp are you allowed to close your eyes, swish your hand around (as if you’re evenly mixing everything up) and withdraw your hand annoucing – ME as the winner!!!!!

    That is my favorite, FAVORITE picture.

    Hands down

    without question

    no kidding

    Just think!!! – you could rest easy knowing that you can come visit it every once in awhile.

    And I would treasure every inch of it.

    I could not BELIEVE it when I first saw it(months ago) because it was MINE.

    And now a DRAWING for it…

    If my name doesn’t get drawn(because I know you won’t follow my well-given advice) I’ll have to committ myself to drawing something similar to it to ease the disappointment.

    But it would just be easier if you, you know…did that other thing!!!

    your loyal fan

    (HA, if nothing else gets her THAT will:)

    *I blogged about it

  34. p.s. does google + ing count as another name? – ’cause I went ahead and google+d it as well.

    p.p.s. In the event that one’s fingers are crossed, Feb. 14 is a long time away.

  35. Lael Horst says:

    I shared your site! Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is. You’re a truly talented artist! Blessings to you!

  36. Trent Peachey says:


    I see you are giving away your art! This is one of my favorite pieces and I promise it would have a really good home! 😉 So I shall cross my fingers and hope I’ve a great dose of luck!

    I shared your page upon facebook.

  37. Marty Wenger says:

    I found your site via Katrina Schrock’s facebook; and I am intrigued with this canvas! My wife and I have 7 children born to us, and music is part & parcel of life for all of us. Several of our children are musicians, artists in their own right, (one a guitarist for Paper Parlor) and our life is enriched by that. Like the depiction of music in the movie “August Rush”- music is everywhere, we just need to listen for it. The birds of the air, the rustling flowers of the grass, the rain, the sounds of children, the soft breath of a sleeping loved one… these and many more carry the music of the universe from God to our hearts.

    In this year at the end of our 3rd decade of marriage, we find ourselves blessed to be living on 30 acres of land with good grass, rugged rocks, wildflowers, lake-shore, and many birds. It is a peaceful place of retreat from the weary burdens of a busy world, and we are intentionally seeking to foster the creation of art from the natural materials at hand. I am also paying more attention to my writing.

    I am blessed that this place has a little building out in the pasture beneath a pecan tree which I call “the studio”. It is private, quiet, yet close to the house so as not to be too isolated. It is the very first place in my life that I can call my own, without being forced to share the space with someone else at all times. There I am developing an atmosphere conducive to creative thought and reflection. I would count it a privilege to place “Nature Song” on the wall of my studio: it uniquely captures the woven strands of the life we live before God, here on the shores of Lake Hudson in Oklahoma.

    Thank you for your consideration and generosity. I have posted a link to your site on my web page.

  38. Marty Wenger says:

    My site also reflexes to my personal Facebook page. Hopefully that small exposure will send a little bit more traffic your way!

    best regards,

    Marty Wenger

  39. Katy Eash says:

    Aww I totally love this piece of art! I was {unfortunately} never that musically inclined….so, instead I love to surround myself with music and art like this:) it is so cute!! You did a super job at it:)

  40. Katy Eash says:

    I just realized we are to leave as many comments as times we shared this, so here it is again! I would love to win this;) btw, this is sweet of ya to do this!

  41. Juanita Christner says:

    I want to respond to the beautiful canvas artwork. the birds as song note are adorable.

    You really should charge something for the art–its worth it.

  42. Amber S says:

    Love this! I shared on fb.

  43. Aaron Mast says:

    Well, so, I shared this on Facebook, so now you should probably pick me. Yes, that would be good.

  44. Aaron Mast says:

    And I guess if I share it on twitter then you should for sure pick me.

  45. Hannah Miller says:

    I shared this on Facebook, and would love this piece!

  46. John Miller says:

    I shared this on FaceBook. Yay!! Perhaps I will have the privilege of giving this piece a loving, appreciative home? It would be my extreme pleasure!

  47. Maria Waldron says:

    I like this picture so I posted a link on fb. MW

  48. Gene says:

    Posted on FB. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  49. Erikson Lehman says:

    I posted the link! I would love to have this piece so that I can appreciate the art in it everyday!

  50. Mari Jean says:

    Shared it on Facebook. So exciting! 🙂

  51. Rhoda Miller says:

    Shared the link on FB! With 4 pianists out of a family of 5, we all appreciate music as a gift. We also have two avid birders who spend hours with binoculars and cameras observing and enjoying the beautiful creatures. Our daughter roams the pastures picking wildflower bouquets. So your piece is fitting and lovely, and it would delight our family. I already have the perfect spot on our wall chosen for it!

  52. Dorcas says:

    Delightful! Shared on FB! Will definitely go to a loving home!

  53. Marie says:

    and what is not to like about this?

  54. Birds and flowers are two of my passions, and I love the artistry of using a music staff as bird perches. I posted a link to this on my blog and if I win the painting, I will hang it in my schoolroom–in the spaces reserved for objects of beauty or significance for our school population. Music fits that theme perfectly, as do the familiar living things that are abundant in our rural setting.

  55. Willard & Sharon Mast says:

    That piece would fit perfectly in our music-loving family’s home! If I would happen to win, it would be treated with all the respect and love it deserves! God bless your generosity in giving it away!

  56. kathryn Nisly says:

    This is so pretty and by the comments it looks as if more people want it very very much. Next time you could do an auction! I shared on facebook.

  57. Becca Peachey says:

    beautiful work Becca!

  58. Titus Kuhns says:

    facebook. I saw a pile of others there.

  59. Renita says:

    Would love to win this!

  60. marlena says:

    posted a link. this is awesome!

  61. Dave Nisly says:

    posted link on facebook. Love it!

  62. Brian Shenk says:

    Linked to Facebook. Love watching your art and blog posts! -Brian

  63. Ryan Shetler says:

    This is a fine piece of art and I will try to give it a fine home if I win. 🙂 Linked to Facebook.

  64. Mary Beth Shrock says:

    Will it count if I email the link to friends? I am not part of Facebook or other social media right now. I would love to win this!

  65. Jared Shetler says:

    Shared on Facebook. Nice piece.

  66. Jared Shetler says:

    Also tweeted.

  67. Randall Nisly says:

    Google +ed this fine piece of art. I will take extra careful care of this masterpiece once I win it.

  68. Vince Nisly says:

    WOW, what an awesome piece, yes yes, I posted this on my photo-blog

  69. Carrie says:

    I absolutely love this piece, Becca, and the whole website! Since you’re my twitter buddy, it seems fitting that I tweeted the link. 😉

  70. Judith N Weaver says:

    All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres…..This is my Father’s world!…..I will hang in my kitchen where I will see it everyday….it is beautiful….posted to face book….you have great talent girl! Love it…judith

  71. Katrina Nisly says:

    Oh, Becca, I can’t believe you’re “giving” this piece away. I think it’s one of my favorites! When you asked for suggestions for a giveaway – my mind immediately went to this piece… but I didn’t suggest it because I thought that was “asking for a bit much!” In the event that I should happen to win, it would have a very loving home! From browsing the comments it looks like there will be one VERY excited winner!!! 🙂 By the way, I posted this to Facebook.

  72. Chris Miller says:

    This will do nicely in my room! shared via Facebook.

  73. Chris Miller says:

    Oh, yeah, Google+ too!

  74. Loretta Wagler says:

    Absolutely live this piece!! 🙂

  75. Laura Conley says:

    I like this piece! It would look so lovely in my tan living room! 🙂

  76. Rose Mary says:

    Yep, done. Once on facebook, once on twitter, once on my blog and (I think this counts) once in posting the link to my blog post about you on facebook.

  77. Jared Mast says:

    Posted the link to Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Caleb Mast says:

    yea completed on facebook. I think this piece would look great in our house right above our cozy fireplace (I can’t believe I even have a place in mind)

  79. Lydia says:

    I shared this on my personal Facebook page and my blog’s Facebook page too.

  80. Lydia says:

    I tweeted! 🙂

  81. Monica says:

    Posted a link on Facebook….would love to win!!

  82. Lorenda says:

    shared your link on FB –

    Love your idea of the birds being the musical notes! So neat!

  83. Shelly says:

    Beautiful work! I love art and would love to win! +)

  84. Shelly says:

    Beautiful work! I enjoy art and would love to win one of your beautiful piece’s!

  85. Lucy Martin says:

    what a beautiful piece of artwork, Becca! and it’s fun to see your site. i posted your link on google+ 🙂

  86. Just re-shared on Facebook. Because it’s [so] worth it!

  87. annamary says:

    it’s so beautiful becca I sure wouldn’t want to part with it either!!!! bless you for sharing you 🙂 annamary

  88. Ann says:

    shared/posted. This is lovely ~ i play guitar & enjoy bird decor. This piece would look well nested in our home!!

  89. Chris Miller says:

    This list is getting much too long for my comfort!

  90. Anita says:

    Just posted it on my blog. =)

  91. Anita says:

    And on my book’s FB page.

  92. Anita says:

    And shared it on FB. All these comments here are making me nervous!

  93. Sharon Yoder says:

    I am moved by your expressions in art.

  94. Jonny says:

    shared on twitter

  95. Jonny says:

    shared of facebook

  96. Rhoda says:

    Just shared this on Facebook. You have so many wonderful talents!

  97. Rhoda says:

    And now I put it on interest!

  98. Rhoda says:

    Pinterest not interest!

  99. Faith Marie Fisher says:

    I. love. this. pic.

  100. anna says:

    this painting is so beautiful! I posted on Facebook.

  101. Shaunda says:

    I’m entering….
    and sharing…….
    and liking……

  102. Mary Lou says:

    Becca I fell in love with this the first time I saw it & I cant believe you are giving it away! I shared it on fb mainly because it would be a blessing if I won it, but II also shared it because I want everyone else to see “Nature Song” so that they can enjoy the beauty of it too! =)

  103. Renee Shafer says:

    I posted on facebook. 🙂

    I am never good at winning these things, but here is to wishing!

  104. Laura Nisley says:

    Shared on facebook.
    I love art and have always wanted to learn to paint! Your art is beautiful…a part of who you are!!!

  105. Andrea Graybill says:

    I’m sharing on facebook. If you don’t pick my sister (Renee Shafer), pick me cause I know someone who would love this piece to death and it would grace her home beautifully whom I will give it to. 🙂

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