Spare Thyself

I like living in a small house. It teaches sentimental me that I can’t keep every object that is symbolic to me. Especially where art is concerned. So I’ve been living in a simpler mode the past year-and-a-half, severing emotional ties with pieces and giving them away or selling them. Artists should be givers. That’s what I think. And so I try to live like that.

I highly recommend the lifestyle, in case you’re wondering. It does good things for the soul to give things of value. Plus, without going all feng shui on you, I find that I am not as inspired to create more art if the corners of my rooms are standing full of finished work.

But do yourself a favor. If you think you will ever… in the next fifty years… in whatever alternate life you imagine… embark on an art-selling venture… GET YOUR WORK COPIED. As in, professional-copied. And put all your copies in a nice, archival-quality portfolio. Expensive, yes.

But spare thyself the emailing the new owners of your art and asking politely if they could mail the piece back to you so you can copy it and return it. That feels a little strange.

Spare thyself also the drama of diving into every stack of paper you own and scouring every level spot you could possibly have thought at one time was an obvious and safe location for art while muttering little “God, help?” prayers until you hold within your trembling hands the piece everyone seems to want.

Putting a few dollars into the preservation of your work may never generate massive monetary returns, but your work is worth preserving. So is your sanity.